John Pendray | Classic Yachts Racing - Marseille

British, born 1937

Classic Yachts Racing - Marseille

Signed PENDRAY; also signed and dated Marseille 2010 on the reverse
Oil on canvas
26 x 39 inches (66 x 99 cm)
Framed: 34 x 48 inches (86.3 x 122 cm)
This work features a regatta race between two classic yachts, the Nan and the Mariska. The Nan, built in 1896 at Failie in Scotland, is the oldest yacht by William Fife Junior still sailing. Restored by Philippe Menhinick in 1999, it is now based at the Société Nautique de Marseille and races regularly in the south of France. The Mariska was built by William Fife to the International 15 metre class rule in 1908. Here seen with the Marseilles island of Frioul in the background.

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