French, 1822-1897

“Detrier had shown the ability to depict a wide range of subjects each with a focus on their fine details and individual expression. Detrier was a talented artist, working in bronze, clay and marble. He was knowledgeable about the Classical Greek Art, ancient famous philosophers, and the Middle Eastern culture, and Orientalist art.

“Pierre Loius Detrier was born in Vougecourt (Haute-Savoie) the 25th June in 1922 and completed his education in the studio of P. J. R. Gayrard. His also popular and wealthy teacher Paul Joseph Raymond Gayrard (1807-1855) concentrated on classical portraits and animalier style. 

“Emile Hébert (1828-1893), a famous sculptor, was Detrier's co-worker. He inspired him to widen his range of subjects and create ancient as well as oriental themes. Together they created the sculpture, "Apollo," showcasing their talent and attention to detail. He also cooperated with the well-established founder La Maison Raingo Frere. Later in his career, Detrier worked independently and added gilt-bronze ornaments to his works. 

“Detrier exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1866, which were held in the Louvre and later in the Palace d'Industrie until 1880. In 1881 onwards, the Paris Salon was organized by Société des Artistes Français where Detrier exhibited in 1896. His sculptures are exhibited in the Langres Museum, in the Champagne-Ardenne” (19th Century Antiques, “Pierre Louis Detrier,” p. 34).

Museum Collections:
Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de Langres

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