American, born 1971


Mary Cash Joska creates abstract paintings marked by a keen interest in color, line, and texture. Born in Connecticut in 1971, she has painted from an early age.  Joska grew up in Massachusetts where she attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  The artist frequented the museums of New England in her youth and the great collections of Europe during her career as an international model and while touring with her first husband, John Carter Cash, son of Johnny and June Cash. She is now based in Nashville, Tennessee and her paintings can be found in both public and private collections around the country.

Joska works seamlessly in a number of abstract idioms. Joska’s work exhibits a variety of approaches to abstraction, but the incorporation of texture is a constant element.  Paint is both built up and scraped away to create an interesting and irregular surface. Embedded in the complexly layered paint is the artist’s commitment to perseverance as well as a hint at her creative practice, which is characteristically open to change, innovation, and new sources of inspiration. 

Public & Private Collections:
Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, TN
Morris Museum of American Art, Augusta, GA
Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, AL
Parade Magazine Corporate Art Collection
Marlene and Spencer Hays Foundation
Estate of Johnny and June Cash

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