American, 1872–1970

Born in Cincincinnati, Ohio in 1872, Louise Eleanor Zaring began her artistic training in Greencastle, Indiana with John Henry Twachtman and William Forsyth, and exhibited at the Hoosier Salon. Several of Zaring’s landscape are clearly influenced by Twachtman’s spare impressionistic style, although her later paintings are more broad and painterly. She proceeded to study in New York at the Art Students League after which she felt she had a sufficient grounding in her paintings skills to travel to Paris and immerse herself in the schools of some of the most prominent artists of the day.

Zaring arrived in Paris in the first decade of the twentieth century at an exhiliarating time in its artistic history. At the Academie Vitti, Zaring studied with Luc-Olivier Merson and the American Frederick MacMonnies. In addition she received guidance from Edmond François Aman-Jean, Raphael Collin, Julien Dupré and the Spaniard Leon Eduardo Garrido. Her remarkable talent entitled her to membership in the Paris Women’s Art Association at an early age.

Upon returning to America, Zaring became a member of the Provincetown Art Association where she studied with Charles Hawthorne. This together with her associate membership of the North Shore Art Association in 1925 and 1926 were the most important influences on Zaring’s style of painting and choice of subject matter.

In addition to exhibiting at the Richmond Art Association, Indiana, where she was awarded prizes in both 1900 and 1919, her work was also shown in Paris at the Academie Vitti. She exhibited at the Provincetown Art Association in 1917, the Indiana Society of Artists and the Washington Art Club.

Museum Collections:
Mansion House, Cardiff
National Museum Wales, Cardiff

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