American, 1865–1928

"Thomas Buford Meteyard spent his childhood in Chicago and then Massachusetts. He was a student at Harvard University where he read philosophy with William James, and he was a friend of the poet Bliss Carman, whose poetry he illustrated. In 1888 he arrived in England where he frequented the literary and artistic circles of Oscar Wilde and Edward Burne-Jones. At the end of 1888 he went to Paris where he became a friend of Edvard Munch. From 1890 to 1893 he stayed regularly in Giverny. In 1910 he married and settled in England where he appears to have worked in Fernhurst (Surrey).

"After Meteyard's stay in France, the influences to which he proved susceptible ranged from the Impressionists to the decorative sinuous lines of Art Nouveau and certain Post-Impressionist tendencies, particularly the Nabis. He painted many recurring motifs in Giverny, including a series of Hayricks in watercolours and numerous views of Giverny in some of which he depicted the scene at twilight or even in moonlight" (Benezit, Dictionary of Artists, Gründ, 2006).

Museum Collections:
Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN
Pallant House Gallery, Chichester
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh
Terra Foundation for American Art, Chicago, IL

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