Alfred Stevens | A Lady with a Fan

Belgian, 1823–1906

A Lady with a Fan

Signed AStevens
Oil on canvas
15¾ x 11¼ inches (40 x 28.5 cm)
Framed: 27½ x 23 inches (69.8 x 58.3 cm)
Painted in the 1880s. We are grateful to Dr. William A. Coles for his assistance in cataloguing this work.

"As a painter of women," writes Charlotte Adams in the introduction to her translation of Alfred Stevens' 1886 book Impressions on Painting, "this artist might well be called the Balzac of the brush, for his tender and gracious rendering of the subtle beauties of the modern woman - and especially the Frenchwoman of fashion. One breathes in his compositions the atmosphere of the grand monde on its most exquisite, feminine side" (Alfred Stevens [Charlotte Adams, ed.], Impressions on Painting, New York, 1886, p. xii). 

Private Collection, Buenos Aires


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