Austrian, 1854-1932

'In 1869 Rudolf Ernst entered the academy in Vienna, where he studied under August Eisenmenger and Anselme Feuerbach. He then pursued his studies in Rome. In 1874 and 1875 he travelled throughout Italy, went to the USA, Spain and Morocco before taking up permanent residence in Paris in 1876. He exhibited in Vienna and Munich and from 1875 in Paris. He received a bronze medal at the 1889 Exposition Universelle and a distinction in 1900. A number of his pictures were repeatedly shown at the annual events of the Société des Amis des Arts in Nantes. He was commissioned to execute the altarpiece of the church of the Favourites in Vienna. He received various prestigious commissions in Turkey and France including those of Sergeant MacMahon and the Duke of Castries.

Until 1884 his repertoire consisted mainly of portraits and genre scenes - charming children and musketeers - nearly always of small dimensions. From 1885, however, he limited himself to Orientalist paintings with Moroccan, Turkish or Hispano-Moorish décor. After travelling to Constantinople around 1890 he became fascinated by the decoration of faience tiles, a technique he had learnt from Léon Fargue, a Parisian ceramicist and glassmaker. Around 1900, he carried out several paintings of Hindu temples, such as The Sacred Pond and The Underground Temple. Ernstrivals his compatriot Ludwig Deutsch in his skilful rendering of details.'  (Benezit, Dictionary of Artists, Gründ, 2006)

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RUDOLF ERNST La Favorite Oil on panel 36¼ x 28¼ inches (92 x 72 cm) SOLD

La Favorite
Oil on panel
36¼ x 28¼ inches (92 x 72 cm)